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Gender:  Male

Age Range:  40 - 50

Height: 180cm

Base Location:  Melbourne

Skills:  Actor, Corporate, Presenter, Voice

Hair:  Dark Brown

Eye:  Hazel

Ethnicity:  Southern European

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Stavros Psoras is a professionally trained stage and screen actor, based in Melbourne, Australia.

Stavros has a BA in Human Movement (1991) where he studied drama, Alexander technique, play theory, performance dance, creative movement, photography and film. He acted for a short period of time but decided to become a corporate, carving rousing careers in health, marketing and stockbroking.

However, it wasn't all smooth sailing, especially during the 2008 global financial crisis where Stavros and his clients suffered catastrophic stock losses. He suffered an emotional breakdown, became a recluse and had a very real epiphany to deal with:  Continue to live a lie or look for fulfillment in life!   So he embarked on rekindling his acting career and walked away from the corporate world.

His comeback role was a small part in the play, Rumors (2011) and recently made his big screen debut in a feature film, Promised (2017) and has appeared on TV in series such as The Underbelly Files - Chopper (2017).  He also has an impressive theater resume performing in Caryl Churchill's, A Mouthful Of Birds (2015) and in the Nordic Noir play Falling Apples (2016) during the Melbourne Fringe Festival.

Stavros brings an abundance of youthful energy, curiosity and modesty to his craft. Combine this with worldly wisdom, maturity, passion and exuberance, you have a well balanced, cool and determined character.

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